The Queery is a co-op, owned and run by its members. Its main focus will be the benefit of the local queer community. It’s run in a non-hierarchical way, with solidarity at its heart. A space for queers, by queers.

The Queery will have a radical and queer bookstore, a small library, a small vegan café, and a wheelchair-accessible sober space available to hire for workshops, talks, classes, meetings, support groups, open mics, film nights and much more!

Bills and wages will be paid with the sale of stock and food, but nobody will ever be turned away. The space will be available to everyone! The library will be there for anyone to enjoy, the café will sell food with prices on a sliding scale and we will have a Pay It Forward scheme for those who need it.

We want to create a space where all queers feel safe and welcome, a place where we can find freedom and belonging, our own little corner in this hostile world. To achieve this, The Queery will have a zero tolerance policy on homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, fatbophia, xenophobia, racism, ableism. We believe in the abolition of binaries, borders, prisons, the state and capitalism.

For any enquiries or just to chat, you can always contact us on hello@thequeery.co.uk


Taylor grew up in both Spain and Uruguay, before moving to the UK some 10 years ago. They have been involved in various anti-capitalist, anti-racist, queer, vegan activist groups in both Essex and London before moving to Brighton.

They enjoy hiking, mountains, video games and film nights


Meg moved to Brighton 6 years ago to study and has been involved in different activist groups since, including Queer AF and DIY Kodak Collective.

Their favourite books are Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg and Assata Shakur’s Autobiography.

They enjoy reading in bed, films, cooking vegan food and swimming in the sea


Stevie is a non-binary, pansexual queer from the Midlands. They first moved to Brighton around 14 years ago, and despite attempting to move away, have always returned. They are a keen animal rights activist and have been vegan for most of their life.

Stevie’s favourite author is Octavia Butler and their favourite books are Parable of the sower and Lilith’s brood. They also have a deep interest in Queer Theory.

They enjoy reading, sea swimming, gardening and pottery