The Queery is a co-op in Brighton, UK, owned and run by its members, whose main focus is the benefit of the local queer community. It’s run in a non-hierarchical way by different collectives of volunteers, with solidarity at its heart. A space for queers, by queers.

The Queery is a wheelchair-accessible sober space that’s home to a radical queer bookstore and merch shop, a small library, a small vegan pay-as-you-feel café, and it’s available to hire for workshops, talks, classes, meetings, support groups, open mics, film nights and more!

The space is currently all volunteer-run by members of the co-op. To join the co-op, click here. After you join the co-op, you can attend one of our meetings and learn how to get involved!

We want a space where all queers can feel safe and welcome, a place where we can find freedom and belonging, our own little corner in this hostile world. To achieve this, The Queery will have a zero tolerance policy on homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, fatphobia, xenophobia, racism, ableism. We believe in the abolition of binaries, borders, prisons, the state and capitalism. No-one is free until we’re all free.

For any enquiries or just to chat, you can always contact us on hello@thequeery.co.uk

Inclusivity Statement on Racism

The Queery is a co-operative Queer space, meaning we all take accountability in the decision-making process, making it a space by the Queer community for the Queer community. We run entirely on donations, alongside membership subscription payments. In mid-2023 it came to light that The Queery was not as inclusive as it could have been, passively dis-including the Black and PoC communities in Brighton and local areas, where it mattered the most. This resulted in an unfortunate, but understandable community-led boycott of the space. 

Since then, we have been dedicated to working with an Anti-Racist reform consultant to learn, acknowledge and commit to reforming The Queery over time at an organisational level to fulfil its true purpose as a diverse Queer cooperative, community and events space. 

“We are dedicated to providing an environment that is as supportive as it can be through it’s open-door policy – anyone should be able to feel comfortable here” 

We have recently formed a new board who align with our new co-operative mission. As a co-op we believe that inclusivity should be paramount, and we are now continuously striving to be more inclusive by restructuring our internal procedures to create inclusive practices internally and across the board. We hope that this will begin to acknowledge the absolute necessity of the space to be welcoming and accessible to and for the PoC and Black queer communities across Brighton & Hove. 

“It is important as a co-op formed of mainly white people that we accept our privileges and roles in being able to support further marginalised people. Collective resistance means having solidarity and leaving room to learn how we can support the whole community.” 

For our current board members, the focus over the next two years is to tackle ignorance and bigotry as the only cooperative café, bookshop, and event space for all Queer people. It would be an honour to share space and engage with the most marginalised groups in the city, as we understand how important it is, especially in our current political climate. With a population of only 26% PoC, we understand the importance of providing space, resources, community support and opportunities to meet peers and for all to feel included. 

‘We want to recognise the racial bias in this town and how we have played a part in it. Doing this anti-racist reform is allowing us space to sit in the discomfort, but also think of ways we can be active in supporting marginalised groups. We have seen a recent shift in the space already with our events hire currently being 35% PoC which is amazing. We know that this is and will be continuous work.” 

We would love to have your support in joining our cooperative and to volunteer with us, for everyone to feel comfortable across all privileges, minorities and intersections within our Queer community.


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