The Queery is a co-op in Brighton, UK, owned and run by its members, whose main focus is the benefit of the local queer community. It’s run in a non-hierarchical way by different collectives of volunteers, with solidarity at its heart. A space for queers, by queers.

The Queery is a wheelchair-accessible sober space that’s home to a radical queer bookstore and merch shop, a small library, a small vegan pay-as-you-feel cafĂ©, and it’s available to hire for workshops, talks, classes, meetings, support groups, open mics, film nights and more!

The space is currently all volunteer-run by members of the co-op. To join the co-op, click here. After you join the co-op, you can attend one of our meetings and learn how to get involved!

We want a space where all queers can feel safe and welcome, a place where we can find freedom and belonging, our own little corner in this hostile world. To achieve this, The Queery will have a zero tolerance policy on homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, fatphobia, xenophobia, racism, ableism. We believe in the abolition of binaries, borders, prisons, the state and capitalism. No-one is free until we’re all free.

For any enquiries or just to chat, you can always contact us on hello@thequeery.co.uk


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