THE QUEERY is a new queer-owned independent radical bookshop, small library, vegan café and sober community space coming to Brighton in Autumn 2021.

We will be stocking new and second hand books, graphic novels, zines, vinyl, plants, art, cards, stickers, badges and patches and more. And we’re planning on having a bi-weekly stall where local queers can sell things they’ve made, so if you have something you would like to sell at our shop let us know!

Being able to offer a safe, sober and community-focused queer space in Brighton will be our main focus. We will be offering the space for queers to do workshops, talks and other activities such as reading clubs. Are you in need of a space to hold your meetings? Get in touch!

For any enquiries or just to chat, you can always contact us on hello@thequeery.co.uk