A co-op is a business or organisation that’s owned and controlled by its members, to meet their shared needs. The members can be its customers, employees, residents or suppliers, who all have a say in how the co-op is run. Who the members are depends on what kind of co-op it is and how it’s set up.


Membership is open and voluntary. Each and every member gets one vote. Membership is democratic and everyone has an equal say. There are no majority shareholders.


There are 10 values that all co-ops are based on:

  1. Caring for others
  2. Democracy
  3. Equity
  4. Inclusion
  5. Honesty
  6. Openness
  7. Self help
  8. Self responsibility
  9. Solidarity
  10. Social responsibility


Our co-op was set up as a workers/consumers/non-users hybrid co-op. Workers will handle the day to day matters, but everyone who joins can have a say in how we do things.

All Members can help decide how we operate and how any surplus is used.

Benefits of joining our co-op include:

  • Coming to our Meetings
  • Joining our Collectives
  • Volunteering at the space


The Queery will be run by different Collectives. None of the Collectives will be above any other, we’ll work in a non-hierarchical way. Every Member can join one or more Collective at one of our General Meetings, depending on their time, skills and interests.

  • MAINTENANCE. Responsible for fixing things, decorating, keeping the space up and running as best is possible
  • CAFE. Responsible for all things food. Organising and picking up food from neighbouring businesses. Join food waste programs. Find chefs and bakers to work with
  • SHOP. Responsible for stocking the bookstore and queer store.
  • EVENTS. Responsible for organising events and monthly fundraisers
  • ACCESSIBILITY AND WELL-BEING. Responsible for making the space as accessible and comfortable as possible for everyone
  • FINANCES. Responsible for keeping the numbers in order and applying for grants
  • SOCIAL MEDIA. Responsible for keeping our Instagram and Twitter up to date

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