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Butch, cis-men and trans-masculine on masculinity, polarity and love

30 June @ 18:30 - 20:30

Butch, cis-men, transmasculine have a wealth of hidden powers against patriarchy. May their dialogue usher in a new era of peace and love.


This event was originally scheduled to occur on Father’s day, focusing on queer masculinity. Soon into our preparation, we realized it was too big a topic, requiring a few sessions with different focused groups.

This is the first one.

This workshop is for butch, cis-men and trans-masculine; and those who love them.

Butch, cis-men and trans-masculine often confide only within their own group. Most butch groups would not admit a cis-man. Most men’s groups would not admit a trans-masculine. Most trans-masculine groups would not admit a butch.

Yet, they all wrestle with similar issues in life and love.

Do these masculinity-identified groups compete with one another?

What are their differences and similarities?

Can they learn to trust one another and share their joy, funny mishap, insight and even pain?

Can their cross-fertilization of ideas enrich one another, unblocking certain bottlenecks?

Yes, dialogue and debate (may be hotly!) with pride, courtesy and respect, with no apology; while thou and I can all have our perspectives.

Hopefully, some new neurons will be connected; and you can bring back some treasure, insight and healing to your own gender group and lovers afterwards.

There will be speaker(s), group discussion and a Q&A session.

For questions, please contact Frizzy Aqualino at frizzyaqualino@gmail.com

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/butch-cis-men-and-trans-masculine-on-masculinity-polarity-and-love-tickets-913322461067
Do not attend in person if you have any viral or cold symptoms i.e. frequent coughing or sneezing.
Please wear a mask if you are able to, sanitise your hands regularly, and take a lateral flow test beforehand to protect clinically vulnerable members of our community. Masks, tests and hand sanitiser are available for free at The Queery, if you can’t find any please ask a volunteer.
Thank you for doing your part to protect our community!


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