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Queer XXXtreme Sports Book Club: Against Ageism

14 July @ 14:00 - 17:00

hird meeting of the Queer XXXtreme Sports Book Club; we hate linear time here, so please come even if you never attended before. & please express your current or future interest by signing up to our mailing list (and receive a PDF of readings): bit.ly/QXSBC

Current book: AGAINST AGEISM: A QUEER MANIFESTO by Simon(e) Van Saarloos.
Current chapter: Chapter IV. Crip Time + Chapter V. Fuck Your Racist Grandma
NO NEED TO READ BEFOREHAND, we take turns reading out loud to each other during the book club. somehow we are majority-dyslexic people here.
About: u scared of getting old? think old age magically turns people into stuckup boring conservatives? nervous you are not living up to “normal” timeline? AGE IS COERCIVE and u can be badass & powerful knowing HOW and WHY.
note on the XXXtremity: i point at things and call them queer extreme sports almost everyday. i guess queer extreme sports is anything mad you do to taste life for all that it is? the boundlessness of spirit wanting to experience both luxurious ecstatic abundance as well as lying in the ditch somewhere deprived crying & shaking. QXS are especially the things that you really are “not supposed” to do. the things that might shatter you and yet you move towards them. hurt you and yet why would you resist. trigger you but you can’t look away. against institutionalised rationalism. against the ego’s longing for stability and neatness and binding. going & going & breaking & breaking (away from)
it will be nice! it will be dangerous! we will listen to our bodies! which is also wild and dangerous these days! we will eat the meal of our times!
see you there!
Do not attend in person if you have any viral or cold symptoms i.e. frequent coughing or sneezing.
Please wear a mask if you are able to, sanitise your hands regularly, and take a lateral flow test beforehand to protect clinically vulnerable members of our community. Masks, tests and hand sanitiser are available for free at The Queery, if you can’t find any please ask a volunteer.
Thank you for doing your part to protect our community!


14 July
14:00 - 17:00
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